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Wondering about the future of SEO and how to protect your site from getting penalized by a new Google update? These are very tough questions but essential! Despite of the huge traffic on your website, most of us still choose Google to search anything in the world. Hence, Google is in focus of most business owners and online marketers. In this way, Google is now engaged in new initiatives and new Penguin updates. Here are the new updates from Google should be considered by SEO professional India:

  1. Penguin Update: This new update is expected to be a bigger impact on significant rankings over the existing Penguin update within just few weeks.
  2. Paid links may be “Advertorials”: With this aggressive looking upgrade, it is proved that an article with paid link will be considered as “advertorial” which has subtle difference from the Guest Post.
  3. Spam Queries: There are some industries today which still use “Black Hat” SEO techniques with keywords like payday loans, online pharmacy, Viagra, and more. With this upgrade, all such types of spam queries will be caught by the spam’s radar.
  4. Upstream Targets: In today’s market of Search Engine Optimization India, some unnatural links are still in use and worst part is that they are difficult to identify and catch them. This way, Google will be implementing revolutionary techniques to identify the origins of these links and penalize them.
  5. Detailed Link Analysis: For your website, an extra-smart back link profile will be created and Google will identify the genuine links related to your site. Hence, it can penalize manipulative link building.
  6. Site Hacking: Google will notify and warn the webmasters about the potential hacked sites. In addition, Google will also help webmasters in the unfortunate event.
  7. Panda Update: In the past, there are many websites have been hit unnecessarily by this update. When Panda Update is for on-page factors of quality, Google is going to soften its impact.
  8. Authority Sites: Website rankings will get greater boosts on expert’s sites.
  9. SERP’s Multiple Domains: In order to deliver more innovative user experience, Google will reduce number of pages in search results from the same domain.
  10. Communicate Webmasters: With regards to the remarkable changes or events related to website’s performance, Google will notify the webmasters with alerts and messages.

Role of Social Media in SEO

In the past, there was no role of social media in prioritizing the websites by leading search engines. The search engine spiders simply ignored all the articles, links and posts made on social media avenues. However, time is constantly changing and we are in the path to see the huge role of social media in SEO service India. At present, algorithms also determine the social impacts on any website. In order to boost up the performance of a website, cloud computing plays a major role to keep flowing the traffic.

Bottom Line
Staying updated with the latest trends in the industry of SEO and web development is the best thing a best SEO company India can do to stay a step ahead in the future of SEO.

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